AIM: The Delayed Gratification Edition

aim logoThe first Monday of the month normally means a new installment of AIM: Adventures in Maintenance, but your happy adventurers have decided to practice our adaptability skillz and observe the Labor Day holiday instead. Never fear, we’ll be posting a new topic next Monday! (I think I remember reading somewhere that anticipation burns extra calories, so count this as a win!)

Meanwhile, if you just really needed an AIM fix today, here’s a look back at previous topics:

We began by introducing ourselves.

Then we discussed what made this time different.

And of course we had to talk about food! A girl’s gotta eat, after all.

After that, we explored the ups and downs of weight maintenance.

And then we hit the road, so to speak, and talked about our approaches to healthy (or not) travel.

Next, we discussed how the support from friends and family changes over time.

In our last post, we veered away from a single topic and each presented an aspect of our lives that makes our maintenance efforts a little different than the others.

And that brings us to the present. You can see why we’re so exhausted we needed a holiday. :)

I hope you’ll stop by next week for our latest topic. I think you’ll enjoy it!

As for the holiday itself, I’m spending it (and the next three weeks) with my favorite doodle. We’ve walked and played tug, and now one of us is going to take a nap, and the other is going to the gym. :)

I hope you’re having a great holiday and/or Monday! Doing anything special?

3 thoughts on “AIM: The Delayed Gratification Edition

  1. You crack me up! What a great post about NOT posting. Its better than Seinfeld, if you know what I meant. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Oh, I am cracking myself up. Seinfeld’s been on my mind for a week, and I can’t find his shows for free on the internet.

    Anyway, this really was a very clever post Cammy!

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