Scenes from the Week

I don’t post on the weekend very often, and I don’t have anything profound to share on this particular Saturday other than some photos from the week just past.

After two weeks, I’m becoming quite the accomplished bookbinder:

custom photo book just married couple

This is a book made with my own widdle hands and the new Tall Jeans book binder machine. The couple pictured are Paul and Gina Somebody who were married this past May. I’ve been gluing their smoochy selves to photo books for two weeks, and I have to tell you, I’m a little sick of them. If their photo wasn’t eventually going to pay my quarterly health insurance and car insurance, I’d probably be drawing mustaches on them by now. :)

In addition to all that bookbinding, I also had to spend a day in the “Home of the Whopper” to do some fancy pants soda machine training. Awesome group of trainees, which doesn’t always happen. Also, the customers were nice and friendly.

What you may not know is that BK has gone and got themselves some new fries:

bk satisfries photo 40% less fat 30% fewer calories

Normally, I would not be tempted at all, because I despise am not fond of BK’s regular fries. (They coat perfectly good potatoes with some godawful batter!) But I confess, I was curious. Not enough to spend 250 calories on a value-sized order, but curious still.

I was also hungry. There was no Subway sign in sight, and my other option, Wendy’s, was located next door. It just seems rude to walk out of my customer’s restaurant to patronize another one. No matter how tasty their half-sized Apple Pecan Chicken Salad with Pomegranate Dressing might be. So I decided to go with Plan C (used only once before) and get a Whopper Jr.

But then I heard a man order a “fry burger” which I’d seen advertised on another sign for $1 and promptly forgot about because I wouldn’t be ordering one. When I saw that it actually was a regular-sized hamburger with lettuce & tomato and just a few fries poking out, I had myself:
a great idea

If I got the fry burger with the satisfries, I could taste the fries without having to buy a whole order! And then I could report back to you guys, which would absolutely, totally justify it as both a business expense and an exercise is proper journalism! Not to mention that I’d save about $1.50 along the way. It was practically ordained that I should have the fry burger!

And so I did:
fryburger (hamburger with french fries on it)

As you can see, the manager allowed the satistution, and I ordered a fryburger! I took one bite of the complete assemblage, didn’t see the point, and pulled the fries off to enjoy separately. I also took the top off the burger to compensate for the four-and-a-half fries and also because the burger patty was seriously tiny (maybe a scant two ounces?) and the bun overwhelmed it.

The satisfries were pretty tasty actually, but then I’m a sucker for crinkle cut. :) They’re crispy and light tasting, and my small serving was the perfect size to go with my open-faced tiny burger. I’d order it again if I had another Plan C day, and I’d enjoy it, but you’re not likely to see it in my regular or semi-regular rotation.

Moving on…

I don’t believe I showed y’all my new den rug (pardon the mess, I was rearranging stuff):

sisal rug on my den floor

My den floor has been displaying its naked parquet for a while now, but rugs are expensive. Plus, I have a slight decision-making affliction that make sit difficult to choose. Despite that, when I spotted this 9×12 sisal rug at a neighbor’s garage sale for $20, I quickly decided it was perfect for the next year or ten. It’s not comfy on the feet and it lacks punch until my floors get their darker stain, but it helps define the seating area. Money well spent.

I found an even better bargain today, while out on my walk:

an old wooden ladder at the curb

Wooden ladder curb find! And I only had to carry it a half mile or so! :)

I was going to carry it overhead so I could poke my head between the rungs and use my shoulders to carry most of the weight, but it was already separated into two separate ladders. So it was the one in each hand method instead. I worked up quite the sweat carrying those things home, but it was worth it. Once I get them cleaned up, one will be repurposed as a towel holder for my bathroom and the other will go on the patio to hold…something that comes to mind later. (If I only had higher kitchen ceilings and a bunch of cookpots, I’d have myself a nifty potrack.)

And that’s the week that was. Mundane, but in a really good way. Here’s hoping next week offers more of the same.

I hope you’re having a great weekend! Be sure to stop by Monday for this month’s AIM post!

13 thoughts on “Scenes from the Week

  1. I think the rug looks nice. We’ve seen your patio and your living room. I think you should do a complete home tour. That would be fun! I couldn’t tell you the last time I was in a BK. Hadn’t thought about it till you mentioned it. Now Five Guys, Chik-Fil-A or Zaxby’s is another tale altogether!

    • I’ve worked in a couple of Zaxby’s, but I’ve never eaten there! I saw that they had a grilled chicken salad and have meant to go back and try it.

      Good idea on the house tour. When things settle down, I’ll snap some photos. (Must dust first.)

  2. Are Paul and Gina reading this?:) It’s a great post altogether,and quite a stab at BK,but it’s just a confirmation of what we all know.Great week ahead,hoping the bookbinding won’t take its toll on you though!

  3. CAmmy – I adore your living room! I love fireplaces and dearly miss the one we had in our old house.

    I think you could use the ladder for hanging some herb pots on your patio, maybe? That would be fun!

    • Thanks, Lori. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never used the fireplace for anything other than candles. :)

      My patio faces south, so it gets sunshine year-round. I might use the ladder as a trellis of some sort.

  4. The ladder(s) are a real find and will look so cute – pictures requested when you’ve got them in place! And the rug looks good – I am right with you on being stunned at the price of them, but they really help to make a room look pulled together.

    LOL on being sick of the married couple from the books. So you are a trainer for all sorts of things, I take it?

  5. I did see those new fries advertised … I rarely eat out, but I’m not a fan on crinkle cut, I’m not sure why. I haven’t seen fries on a burger before, but I remember my son getting a burger with fried cheese sticks on it! CrazY!

    Cute rug and I’m sure you can do something great with the ladders. I know I’ve seen many ideas floating around Pinterest!

  6. You are so great at repurposing things and making them awesome!!
    We had BK the other night for the first time in ages – I wasn’t quite as good as you with my choices!!

  7. Great finds!!! I love repurposed anything. Also, thanks for letting me know about the Wendy’s salad (I have a coupon). Want to try it but don’t want to be disappointed when that would be my only lunch. Didn’t know about the BK fries. Not that I’m planning a trip to BK anytime soon.

  8. The rug looks great and was a major bargain! I would like to find an old ladder – so many possibilities!! Love the towel rack idea.

    My co-worker gets fast food several time a week and now that I am below my goal weight and trying to put a few pounds back on I have been tempted to join her – but after not eating it for so many years I am having trouble pulling the trigger!!

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