Boomerang Week

A boomerang is exactly what I felt like this week. Thrown across the state, returning home, then back out again, then home. I spent more waking hours in the car than anywhere else. At least I was getting paid for it, which I guess makes me a professional boomerang. :)

As expected, the east side of the state was ahead of us in fall color:

highway with fall color on the trees

Driving along I-40

At times, I just turned off my podcast and let the scenery entertain me.

I had most of Tuesday free, so I explored Jonesborough, TN, which I’d seen signs for but never had time to get off the interstate to see.

jonesborough, TN downtown

Jonesborough is quite small, but its Main Street packs a lot of charm. Lots of shops and inns and cafes, but nothing too “tourist-y”, if you know what I mean.

main st cafe, jonesborough, tn

I had lunch at Main St Cafe (tuna sandwich & baked chips, for the curious). The food was good but I enjoyed the ambiance even more:

interior Main St. Cafe

That’s the exact color yellow I want for my living room. Pity the server didn’t have any clue what color it was and didn’t seem inclined to ask anyone else. So I didn’t tip her. I’m kidding! I’m kidding! I didn’t skip the tip. I knew it was a longshot when I asked her.

Btw, those are the ceilings I want for my living room, too, but that’s not going to happen. I’d have to raise the roof by about six feet!

I walked around town after lunch, spotting this cutie:

lollipop shop VW

And this beauty:

garden statue

I love garden statuary, but do I have any of my own? Nope.

I walked and walked, up and down hills, all around town, and back again. That took about an hour, since it’s such a small town. I had intended to go a matinee performance at the Storytelling Center, but it was a tad pricey for my little budget. Plus, the weather was gorgeous and I wanted to be outside. So I walked some more. :) Pity the cupcake shop was closed on Tuesday or I’d have rewarded myself for all that walking. But no-o-o, stupid me had a snack pack of almonds and apple in my bag. Can you say, backfire? :)

The rest of the trip was just as uneventful–in a good way–as was the second trip of the week. The one thing of note on the second trip was the awesome group I worked with at Moe’s in Jackson, TN. If you’re in the area, right off I-40, in search of a meal, you won’t find a friendlier group of folks. Plus, if they’re as smart about food as they are about running a fancy pants soda machine, it will be a really good meal. :)

That’s it from me for the week, except to say that I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Be sure to stop by on Monday for the monthly AIM post!

6 thoughts on “Boomerang Week

  1. I don’t think I could do a job that required that much traveling. I do love to travel, but I like being a homebody. I so adore those little downtowns, though. That cafe is perfectly charming!

  2. I love towns that have cute downtowns like that!!
    Glad you found a way to entertain yourself when you had some downtown.

  3. Jonesborough isn’t the only cute town in upper East TN. Maybe you’ll get to explore them all. Still sorry we weren’t able to connect.

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