Odds and Ends with an Emphasis on the Odd

I’m making this short and sweet, as I am experiencing excruciating pain a bit of a backache. I suspect a sciatic flare up, but I have no idea what I did to cause it. I just woke up this morning in the shape of a question mark. Fingers crossed it goes away very soon, like tonight. I’ve got a meeting with a freelance client tomorrow and a quickie road trip Tuesday. It would be nice to accomplish both in my more comfortable exclamation point style. :)

Last week was busy, as seems to be my motto these days. I’m not complaining, because work means income and I surely need that!

Road Trip Report
I had a two-day road trip to Jackson, MS last week. One of my assignments was at historic Tougaloo College.

tougaloo moss grove

Such a lovely campus with oak trees fairly dripping with Spanish moss. I’d thought the moss was a coastal thing, so it was a nice surprise to come upon it here.

I didn’t do a whole lot besides work on this trip. I’d intended to hike along the Natchez Trace or one of the area parks, but a woman I spoke with in a store cautioned me against it, saying there had been several attacks on women in the area recently. So I found a major road with nice wide sidewalks and took a walk on it instead. Not nearly as scenic as the parks would have been, but it got the job done.

For my one dinner in town, I re-visited Trace Grill, a local restaurant you might remember for the infamous tossed salad that was basically a bowl of lettuce. I knew better than to go that route again, so this time I went for a regular dinner:

trace grill dinner, chicken, green beans, lima beans, corn bread

BBQ chicken, green beans, lima beans and cornbread. AND ALL OF IT TOUCHING! It took me forever to get it all separated. Even then, the juices had all commingled so my green beans tasted a little bit like limas and vice versa. But the chicken and corn bread were delish, so it wasn’t a wasted trip. I think if I go back to this restaurant I’ll just ask if I can prepare my own meal. :)

I stopped in at the Habitat Store the other day to see if they had any cooktops (they didn’t), and it was looking very Christmas-y:

25-ft lighted Christmas tree

This 25-foot tree is actually for sale. It started at $5,000 and has dropped all the way to $3,000. If it’s still there on Dec. 19, you can pick it up for a paltry $1,000. :)

ugly french provincial cabinet

There was a whole suite of furniture in this style, and I’ll be honest, I can’t figure out who would buy it and why. It’s so…ornate.

While I was out, I also stopped in at a flooring outlet to look at the options:

wood-look tile

With my budget being so tiny, this ceramic tile is looking more appealing. It has the added benefit of being super easy to clean AND I can do all five rooms in the same material which would help a lot with visual flow. Something to consider anyway.

I have a new favorite sandwich, the Turkey Cranwich from Jason’s Deli:

turkey sandwich with cream cheese, lettuce, and cranberry sauce

Turkey, cream cheese, cranberry sauce–heaven on whole wheat bread. I got the “manager’s special”, which is a half sandwich and side item (fruit cup). I’ll definitely get the full sandwich next time. It’s yummy!

Speaking of sandwiches, I forgot to share something here that I’d shared on my facebook page:

healthy life 1/2 loaf bread

Healthy Life now offers bread in half-loaves! This is perfect for us single types who don’t eat a lot of bread but like to have it on hand. I’m still likely to have to freeze some of it, but not as much as with a full loaf. Artisan bread, it’s not. But it’s a good to have for a regular ol’ sandwich bread.

And that, my friends, is the end of this report. My heating pad/ice pack combo are calling to me. Loudly.

Here’s wishing you all a great week ahead!

22 thoughts on “Odds and Ends with an Emphasis on the Odd

  1. Cammy, just a warning, I have ceramic tile floors and walking barefoot on them gave me plantar fasciatis and aggravated my sciatica. I wear supportive shoes when walking in the house now.

    • Thank you, Bonnie. I hadn’t considered that. I wonder if it would be the same for wood floors? (Not that I have a chance of affording those. LOL)

      I’m not sure if my imagination was in play, but my back didn’t hurt today until I was walking on my client’s concrete floors all morning. :)

  2. Ooooh….sciatica bites! Hope it works itself out soon. That ornate cabinet reminds of French rococo…ick! I remember getting nauseous watching a film in an art history class that featured French castles. I love their food, but when it comes to interior decorating, not so much. Wishing you safe and pain-free travels!

  3. Oh I do hope your back works itself out. Driving a long distance with that does not sound fun.

    That’s interesting what Bonnie said about the flooring. I’m always daydreaming about re-doing my carpets. Of course, the dream ends when I start thinking about the job of moving EVERYTHING in order for it to be changed!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Cammy! Don’t work too hard!

    • I’m fortunate in that regard in that I don’t have much furniture in either room. I do have some junk that needs to find a home. Someone else’s home, preferably. :)

  4. Ugh on the sciatica! We solved John’s this month with flipping over our pillow top mattress. It was too soft on top for him and sleeping on the wrong side fixed his back issue the next morning and he hasn’t woke up with pain since.

    Hope your back is feeling better.

    That cabinet – that belongs in a giant mansion, not real people’s houses. 😀

  5. Hope you feel better. Hubby had such a bad bout (definitely know what caused it though, a bump while snowmobiling) … he was down for days and still took weeks to really be back to normal. I’ve been having a bit of hip/back pain, but it is just a bit. I’m aware, but it doesn’t really hinder me.

    We tossed our Christmas tree last year, so we’ll be in the market for a new one this year …

  6. I hope that some time with the heating pad and your back feels better – no fun especially if you have a car trip tomorrow!

  7. Hope my belated comment finds your back much better. And boo hiss on the warning about walking in the park. The same thing has happened here over the past year with problems in two of my favorite walking places that have always felt safe and secure. What a broken, broken world we live in!

    • I’m not sure if the woman at the store knew something or if she was perpetuating a rumor, but I decided to err on the side of caution. Plus, the trailhead area was deserted when I drove by and just generally looked spooky.

  8. I wear shoes (OK, usually Orthaheel flip flops most of the year) when I’m walking in my house – any kind of flooring other than carpet aggravates my feet/back. So maybe get what flooring you like, and just make sure you always wear supportive shoes?

    Sorry about your back – I don’t know what’s worse, knowing how you hurt it, or not knowing…either way, what a pain! Hope it’s better.

    I’m not surprised to see that French furniture IN the Restore, but I am surprised to see that it sold. What century is this???

    • I recently bought some house shoes with a sole (first house shoes I’ve owned as an adult; I usually go with flip-flops), and I’m hoping they’ll eliminate any flooring impact on the back. They’re definitely keeping my feet warm!

  9. Hope by now the back pain has resolved.

    Years ago I was told to stop going barefoot – even at home. Hard for me byt Merrill slides are easy to slip into when I take my work or workout shoes off – si I do it most of the time…

    That sandwich looks good! I love Dave’s Killer Bead – higher in protein than most and tasty. I keep it in the freezer…

    Hope you find a cooktop soon – in the meantime it is fun to see all the interesting things they do have…

  10. Half size loaves of bread is a great idea. I also freeze bread as we don’t eat it up quickly enough. I had to laugh when you wrote you’ll ask if you ca cook your own meal if you dine there again!

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