True Believers

Over the past week, I’ve had cause to reflect on an omission from last Monday’s AIM post on thankfulness:

silhouettes cheeringI am grateful for the people who believed in me.

When I first began living my life differently, I was blessed with support from people who didn’t question, didn’t doubt, didn’t waver in their belief that I would succeed. They had their pom-poms out from day one and never backed off.

I am grateful for the people who wanted to believe in me.

After so many years of failed weight loss attempts, it’s easy to understand that some people might have had a few doubts when I declared my intent to change the way I lived.

Some might have believed I could change, but maybe not that I would change. Considering how many times I said one thing and did another over the years, I can’t blame them for a little doubt. Tepid support is still support, and I appreciated it.

I am grateful for the people who didn’t believe in me at all.

I was fortunate to only have one serious doubter along this path, and I’ll confess, it took me a while to be grateful for her smirks and side-eye glances when I talked about this change or that one. Her obvious doubt struck the nerve center of my stubborn streak and actually served as fuel for the fire.

In writing this, it occurs to me that I have fallen into each of those categories of self-support at various times during my life. Fortunately, I’ve spent the majority of my time over the past six or seven years believing that I can succeed at weight maintenance, and I plan to stay here. That said, it’s nice to know that I have other true believers when I’m not one of them at the moment. :)

Who are your true believers? Are you one of them?

11 thoughts on “True Believers

  1. I don’t think I ever thought about it before but now that I am, I fall into all 3 categories at different points and for different reasons. I don’t know if I completely doubt myself but I’m in the “maybe” category a lot!!!

  2. That is a great thought, Cammy. I had people, casual friends really, who believed I could do it more than I did myself!

  3. It’s been interesting as I’ve followed the message boards at MFP, about how some people are sabotaged or not supported by friends and family. I’ve received nothing but encouragement and support … so thankful for that!

  4. I am really not sure if I totally believe in myself. I don’t disbelieve, but maybe it’s more that I don’t quite trust myself.

  5. I always believed I could maintain if I lost the weight weight – I admit that WLS has made that part go smoothly, and I am a believer that I will live a healthy, maintenance lifestyle for the rest of my years.

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