Of Recipes and Road Trips

I might not have a single holiday decoration in my house, but my dinner plate has certainly taken on a seasonal flare.

A few weeks ago I made Debby’s World Famous Low-Calorie Apple-Cranberry Sauce:

debbys apple cranberry salad

Very much like my own cranberry sauce, but Debby’s addition of apples really steps it up. I liked this so much that I’m making it for the neighborhood Christmas party this Sunday. (My decision was made easier by the $0.99 bags of cranberries I found at Aldi today.)

This week I gave Martha’s Slow Cooker Sweet Potato-Apple Casserole a try and was soooo glad I did!

Martha's sweet potato-apple  casserole

With sweet potatoes, apples, coconut and pecans as the main ingredients, what’s not to love? And it’s super simple, with the worst step being the peeling of the sweet potatoes. This was made more difficult in my case because I can’t seem to find a single one of my potato peelers. Considering I haven’t peeled a potato of any sort in years, I might have accidentally donated it to Goodwill during a recent purge. Oh well. I eventually got the stubborn things peeled with a regular ol’ kitchen knife.

Another slight issue with this dish was that I fell asleep and kind of over-cooked it. By about seven hours. My upper layer of potatoes was tad bit dry at first, but I gave the whole dish a stir before adding the coconut and pecans and all was well. So well that I ate a bowl for breakfast. :)

Next up is a roasted turkey breast on Monday or Tuesday. I’ve never made one, but it seems like something I can handle. I’m planning to just rub on some oil and seasonings and bake it with some celery and onions.

Next year, I’m going to go all out and cook them in the same week! :)

I’ve been working quite a bit the past…well, forever, but lucky for me, I’ve found a sweet time at the gym and have been rocking the 7:30 a.m. workouts. Add in some nice weather that allowed me to clean my gutters (yay, ladder step-ups!), mulch and bag all my leaves (and those of the widow-woman next door), and get in a couple of nice, long walks, and I feel like I’m holding my own on the exercise.

Speaking of work, I had a quickie road trip last week that took me points north for a change. Along the way, I saw the oddest thing:

side by side toilets

Now I like meeting new people as much as the next person, but this is not the venue for it, in my opinion. I locked the door and hoped for the best. (And wouldn’t you know it, two to choose from and I picked the one without toilet paper in the dispenser. At least I didn’t have to ask anyone if they had a “square to spare.”)

Once I reached my destination, Cape Girardeau, MO, I was surprised to encounter this:

snow mountain at Target

I knew they’d had a bit of snow, but I’d kind of thought it was in the “dusting” range. Not to worry, though, I’d never let a minor snow mountain or a semi-icy parking lot stop me from getting to Target.

My training session was at Café Soupé in Cape Girardeau. It was too early for me to eat there, but I liked the menu, the ambiance, the cleanliness of their kitchen, and the diligence of their crew. The next time I’m in the area, I’ll definitely be dropping in for a salad and/or sandwich. They’re not far off of I-55, and if you’re traveling with kids, they have a moon bounce area that would be great for letting the little ones bounce off some energy.

On the way home, I stopped at a little touristy shop to stretch my legs and had to laugh when I saw this display of signs:

wooden signs, most about family with one odd one about strippers

Is it just me, or does that second sign seem a bit out of place? (Not that I have anything against strippers. I used to babysit for one.)

And that’s it for me for now. I hope you’re having a splendid week!

14 thoughts on “Of Recipes and Road Trips

  1. Oh – I agree with Lori!! Definitely brine the turkey!!
    Chris (my husband) has a sister that lives in Cape Girardeau and sadly we have never been (it’s about 7-8 hours from here).

  2. Well, just in case you wanted another opinion, I just cooked a turkey breast and didn’t brine it. I followed the directions in my old Betty Crocker cookbook, and it came out soo tender and delicious.

    When did my cranberry sauce get WORLD FAMOUS LOL? People are going to think I’m a total egotist, what with my famous mac and cheese, and now WORLD FAMOUS cranberry sauce.

    I totally laughed at your toilet pic and description.

    The sweet potato recipe looks delicious, but I am a purist when it comes to sweet potatoes. Just the potato please. With butter and brown sugar melted over it….

    • We have international readers, don’t we? That makes your cranberry sauce world famous! :)

      I don’t really care for the texture of wet-brined turkey (or at least, those I’ve tried). I’ll effectively dry brine it with some kosher salt and seasonings, and it will be so good. If I don’t fall asleep and overcook it. LOL

  3. Sure hope you didn’t use your credit or debit card at that Target…lol! Hope that rigorous work schedule brings you back my way sometime soon.

    • I didn’t buy anything at that Target, but I made a few other credit card purchases at other Targets. I’m keeping an eye on my statement.

      I was offered an assigment in Cookeville, but it was too close to Christmas. I know another one will come up eventually. If not, I’m accumulating Marriott points rapidly. :)

  4. OK, at first the two toilets mystified me, but then I remembered shopping with my young children…this would be handy if mom and kid had to go at the same time. Otherwise, yeah, it’s a big head shake for me.

    Cracked right up at “next year, I’m going to go all out and cook them in the same week!” – aim (AIM?) high, my friend. :)

  5. Hahah wow, those toilets cracked me up. There is noooo way I could have teamed up in the loo. Crazy. 😀

    Have a wonderful holiday Cammy!

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