Signs of the Times

I love words. I’m not sure why–maybe it’s the writer in me?–but words calm me or energize me or teach me. Whatever I need in the moment, I can usually find in words. Usually someone else’s words. (You are not surprised by this, I’m sure, given that I have a whole category dedicated to Quotes. :) )

Anyway, with a bit of slow time during the holidays, I’ve been doing some digital clean-up. In addition to a bunch of bad images of good food, I found lots of photos of signs and sayings I’ve collected, mostly on my iphone. I used to buy these things, but in an effort to reduce my expenses and my home clutter, I now just take photos of them. Well, most of them. I might have bought a couple. :)

Here are a few of my favorites:

(If an image is truncated, just click on it to see the full quote)

Some serious, some silly. All of them spoke to me at some point in time. (The “hissy fit” plaque spoke so loudly that it now sits on a shelf in front of my desk.LOL)

What quotes/sayings/signs have you seen lately that spoke to you, even if only for that moment?

11 thoughts on “Signs of the Times

  1. I’ve been giving this quote a lot of thought since a woman posted it on my FB page: 1). Go where you are celebrated; not tolerated.
    2) Stop nurturing that which should be neutered

  2. I like the signs AND your comments on each of them!

    I bought a magnet last year that said “If I can’t be a good example I’ll just have to be a horrible warning” which not only sums up my life, it makes me giggle every time I see it.

    • LOL I like that one, too! I have an Anne Traintor pin on the visor of my car that makes me giggle when I see it: “Someone was going to have to set a bad example.”

  3. I am one of those few people that doesn’t do quotes. Or like them most of the time – unless they have some humor in them. LIke Jack Black and the “YOLO is carpe diem for stupid people”. That just cracks me up.

  4. I love quotes too. I’ve had a rough year and some phrases actually pulled me through in the end.

    There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who won’t even jump a puddle for you.

    Only dead fish go with the flow.

    The only people who think there’s a time limit for grief, have never lost a piece of their heart.

  5. Love those signs – I think the one that says “I’m to bossy, just helpful” might describe me (at least according to my family!).

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