Focusing on the Bright Spots

snowman stabbed with knives (caption: die winter die )

I’m normally a non-violent person, but this frigid winter is wearing me down. I’m really having to work at focusing on the bright spots, of which there are many, of course. In no particular order:

  • The sun is shining.
  • Temps are in the double digits today!
  • I’m in a warm house.
  • I have a fresh batch of red lentil chili slow cooking.
  • No snow or ice to deal with.
  • All this shivering is boosting my metabolism. (Seriously, there was a study!)(I wonder: if I sat outside, would I drop below my goal weight before noon?)
  • A desire to avoid going outside on the frigid days, coupled with an ailing computer, has me accomplishing old tasks on my to-do list. (Note: If I ever learn that you painted over wallpaper backing/paste so that some poor shivering woman had to deal with it, I will hunt you down and bop you on the head! But on the bright side, my arms and lats are getting an awesome workout!)
  • The weather forecast for this weekend is splendid–50+ degrees! (Hello, leaf pile!)
  • I get to announce the winners of the Oloves variety pack!

    I’ll contact both of you today with further information.

I know there are many other bright spots, but those are the ones that come to mind this morning. They should be enough to get me through the day. :)

What are your bright spots today?

11 thoughts on “Focusing on the Bright Spots

  1. My bright spot today, is that it is Friday, one of my telecommuting days. I love working from home. Our winter has been pretty mild this year in Seattle. Still, I enjoy seeing the sun today. Hooray for sun! Have a great Friday.

  2. Not having to leave the house today, on what will most likely be our only ice/snow day of the year. Honestly, I don’t know how you guys who live with this weather do it…and I commend you for not losing your mind!

    P.S. Once upon a time I painted over half a wall of wallpaper. Hey, we were moving to Texas and had to get the house ready for a quick sale! Sorry? 😉

  3. I need to focus on the bright spots to because the cold is about to do me in. I feel like the only time I’m warm these days is when I’m running (on the treadmill). We are actually right at the freezing mark today but the wind is gusting like crazy so it feels much colder – at least the sun is shining!

  4. I love your list of bright spots! I’m frequently cold (even thought it’s really not cold around here), and I always think, “Oh, my metabolism must be through the roof right now…” :)

    And, I’m excited that I won! :)

  5. Honestly – this winter is getting me down big time. We talk about turning up the heat, but it already has been an expensive winter so far and not ending soon. Bah! My bright spot was the Prius being an easy fix. Helps brighten what was maybe not the best day.

  6. My bright spot was the day of the week…Friday! The weather this weekend is supposed to be great here in TX, and I’m looking forward to walking the dog. He’s been cooped up all week!

  7. It’s Saturday (I’m a little behind in reading) so my bright spots are that Bill has completed six radiation treatments and although fatigued, is doing ok. My church, who has been without a pastor for a year, is meeting and greeting a candidate at a church-wide fellowship this afternoon and I’m really looking forward to that especially since Bill will be able to go with me. Hope memaw is still doing ok.

  8. I’m delighted to have won! Great list you have going of your bright spots. We had an awesome weekend and got so many things done which is a bright spot for sure! I hate wall paper!

  9. That snowman picture is great! I’m trying to not talk about our crazy (warm) weather out here. Its like we’re stuck in a holding pattern. Hmmm. Its 6am here. Bright spot so far? I got to sleep an extra 40 minutes after letting the dogs out at 5am…

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