Thank You

hearts circle thank youThank you all so much for your good wishes for my family! I appreciate your caring and support.

I’m happy to report that my mother and grandmother are both at home and recovering nicely. Fingers crossed we can keep them home for a while, but I suspect Memaw might be making a return trip in the not-too-distant future if they can’t keep the salt shaker away from her. She’s out of control with it.

Sadly, my hospital experience isn’t quite over. My computer coughed twice and then slipped into a coma on Friday. I’m hopeful for a speedy (and inexpensive) healing. As luck would have it, I’m pet-sitting for the next few days, so I would have been on my laptop anyway. Still, I worry… :)

I’m slowly, but surely, making my way back to normal, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a review post and a giveaway!

Thank you again for your kind and supportive words!

5 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Glad that your mom and memaw are both home – I hope they stay well and healthy!!!
    Hopefully the computer issue is on the minor side!!

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