Alphabet Soup: B

the letter b with calligraphy backgroundTime for the second installment of my new series exploring words and concepts that help me with…well, with life in general, but I’m focusing on how they help me manage my weight. I’m hoping this alphabetical exploration will help ME stay on track, and maybe help you with new insights or ideas of your own. (I’m also hoping you’ll share them. :) )

My list for the letter ‘B’ is short, but it has some pretty important-to-me concepts.

Believe – One of my biggest thought shifts in losing weight successfully was the real and true belief that I could achieve my goals. Of course, this occurred after I changed my goals from specific weight loss to actionable goals and made them incremental rather than trying to do them all at once. It’s much easier to believe in success when the goal is within your control, and when you truly believe you can do something, you notice even the smallest evidence of success.

Back-up Plans – It’s good to have a plan, but having a good back-up plan (or three) is an equally good idea. Anticipating obstacles or deviations from routine and identifying potential workarounds gives me a greater feeling of control. I’m far less likely to make an unwise choice if I’m calm. :)

Bounce Back – (Oooh, a double B!) For those times when all of the aforementioned plans go out the window (and they will) and I bounce right off-track, I give myself a mental shake and bounce right back on it. (Seriously, I actually visualize myself doing a jump squat and landing on a track. But we all know I’m kind of nerdy that way.)

And that’s my short, but important, B-words. Do you have any of your own to add?

10 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup: B

    • B is for brilliant, Tracy! I can’t believe I forgot to include balance. You’re right, though, it’s very important. It’s also tough to nail down sometimes, because the definition of balance is different for each of us.

  1. Mine would be simply “begin.” And if you’ve begun before and it wasn’t what you thought it would be, begin again.

    My favorite begin “thing” is the song Begin the Beguine by Cole Porter :)

  2. Great b plans Cammy & I so agree. Ike you, balance for sure!!! And the bounce back was & is key for me.. I just move on if I “fall off” as they say. I will add BE true to you – what works for you.

  3. Be brave. It takes courage to change your life, and that’s what losing weight and maintaining a new weight can require–in so many ways. We have to be brave when we take that first step, because we’re stepping out of our comfort zone. We also have to be brave to let our old friends know that we mean business, because they may not entirely understand or may be threatened by the “new” behaviors and choices we are making.

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