Random Distractions

I had such specific plans for the weekend, especially with regards to my kitchen wall repair project. I even had a step-by-step list on which to make lots of checkmarks.

But then the weather turned out gorgeous, and I had to take some time for savoring that. Long walks, reading in the sunshine, inventing errands to run…well, I didn’t invent the errands, I just moved them way up the priority list. :)

Cammy standing in front of playgroundAs mentioned, I walked and walked and walked this weekend, partly because it was nice outside and it just plain felt good, but also because I was participating in Lori’s Healthy Heart Weekend.

One note for next year: Consider NOT wearing the baggiest clothes you own for HHW photo.

I did manage to get another coat of skimcoat on the two focus walls in the kitchen and had plans to get them sanded and primed on Sunday.

But then I was visited with this feisty bundle of distraction:

black poodle, with one ear flapping
My neighbor called me in distress after she found this little cutie wandering an industrial area, and her three dogs were vehemently opposed to his presence. She asked me to keep him until the owner could be found. Of course I said yes…and then immediately remembered my kitchen reno plans. I figured a dog wasn’t going to want to wear a tiny little dust mask, and I was right.

So George Clooney (my temp name for him) and I went for a walk instead and then to the weekend animal clinic to check for a micro chip. No luck there, but I did locate the owner this morning by calling a couple of area vet clinics. This cuddly little distraction (real name: Chase) will soon be going home, and I can get busy again. Although, all things considered, not an unpleasant distraction at all.

In case you’re wondering what the big deal is on the kitchen walls, here are a few photos, midway through the process:

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Priming and painting won’t be so bad, as long as I remember that perfection isn’t the goal here. :)

I’ve also got some upcoming distractions of a more serious nature. My father is having surgery on Wednesday, my mother is having surgery next week, and my grandmother’s health is fading fast. Not joyful distractions, like sunshine and puppies, but equally survivable. At least, that’s my hope.

If nothing else, I’m getting ample opportunity to exercise my ‘roll with it’ skillz.

What distractions do you have going on?

10 thoughts on “Random Distractions

  1. So glad you enjoyed some nice weather – perfect for running errands.
    What a cute puppy – you might need one permanently!!
    Sorry to hear about the upcoming surgeries for both of your parents and that your grandmother is doing worse.

  2. Sending lots of good wishes to your parents and your grandma! Take care of yourself while you are taking care of everyone else Cammy! PS: Love the dog’s name!!!!

  3. Well you know I’m all for you getting out and about. The better weather this weekend in the Northeast was balm to a winter weary soul! So, you’re a fix-it woman like Lori, huh? I’m not even kidding when I say I would have hired someone to do that lol!

  4. I am sorry to hear of all the upcoming surgeries – healing vibes to all!

    I so hate wallpaper removal. We are going to purchase a steamer because our new house has so much to remove that I think I will leap off the roof if we don’t get one. 😀

  5. Well, you know the never-ending distractions I’ve got going on here. Of course its almost exactly the opposite problem that you’ve got. I’m having work done, so it distracts me from my regular life, whereas you would like to do some work on your home, and your “regular” life gets in the way!

    When J. the contractor is done (later this week?) I’m afraid I won’t know what to do with myself!

  6. So sorry to hear about your Grandmother’s decline and good thoughts go out to all your family!

    Lucky you found the puppy’s owner so quickly, he might have been really hard to part with after a few more days.

  7. Library book fair is distracting me!

    I do the same with stray dogs… I can’t tell you how many I’ve kept for a night or two and then found their owners. I’m a sucker for it every time!!

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