Winners & Losers

Happy Saturday! We’re one week closer to spring than we were last Saturday! :)

The Olympics are upon us. Once again I failed to qualify. In any sport. Oh well, at least I get to stay inside where it’s warm and watch on TV until I get ticked off at NBC for dragging out the broadcast on events I like to watch. Then I’ll go ahead and read some of the spoiler alerts posted all over the internet to find out who won and IF I want to watch.

In the spirit of the Olympics, here are some winning and losing moments from the past week:


Thank you all for chiming in with your thoughts on tofu. Lucky NathaLee won the gold medal when she was randomly selected as the winner of the Nasyoa TofuPlus giveaway and will soon be savoring some bbq tofu. (Congrats, NathaLee! Watch your email for a message from me.)

The rest of you tied for silver for participating in the discussion. :)


While on a work assignment in Lexington, TN, I found The Lunch Box, a great little sandwich shop downtown. (If you’re driving around and around the square looking for it, it’s in an old newspaper building at the corner of Main and Monroe.)

primo panini turkey cheddar and apple slices on sourdough

I had the Primo Panini, which is turkey, cheddar, and sliced granny smith apples on sourdough. Oh my. A winning combination all the way around.


my car in front of the gym with an entire inch of snow on the groundMemphis finally got a bit of frozen precipitation last night, but only a bit, and most of it was gone before noon. But it was pretty while it lasted, and we may get some more. We’re under another winter storm watch until Tuesday.

I’m also a winner here, because I got my chubby behind out of bed early-early and skidded over to the gym for some strength training and treadmilling. Neither rain nor sleet nor an inch of snow will keep me from my workout! Not when I’ve been snack-happy all week!


I’m sort in the market for a new gym. My current gym moved down the strip shopping center to a new suite, and I despise it! Gone are the full window views to the outdoors. Instead there are small windows located high on the wall, too high to allow any light in. Also, about a half dozen treadmills got lost in the move and two of the ones that made the cut don’t work properly. (In fairness, this gym usually does a great job of keeping the equipment in good order and clean. I’ll give them a couple weeks to get it cleared up.)

The worst part of the new facility, and the one that has me considering a move is this stupid sign at the front of the gym:


I definitely want to look as good as I can, but what gets me out on a 20+ degree morning is exercising my right to feel good. I really don’t like this emphasis on physical appearance as my “motivational vision board” in front of the treadmills.

But then, what did I expect from a gym that “expanded” so that it could add more tanning booths. Never mind that there’s only about 25 square feet to do any mat work and a perpetual line at the one squat rack.


After the gym, I decided to skid over to Home Depot for a couple of things. No problems on the way there, but when I was heading back, I spotted this car off the road:

car skidded off the road

You can’t see it from this photo, but the passenger side was wrapped around the tree and both air bags had opened. I couldn’t see anyone walking around, so I stopped to make sure they weren’t inside the car, injured. It only occurred to me when I got close to the car that they might not only be “not okay”, but in very bad shape. (I don’t do blood and guts very well.)

Fortunately, the car was empty. Completely empty, including the stereo and the license plate. (I’m guessing the car might not have exactly belonged to the person who was driving.) Another driver stopped to check things out and when I mentioned that I smelled gasoline, he called emergency services. Yet another driver paused to say he’d seen a woman and man moving things out of the car, and the woman seemed upset and might have been limping. (I’m guessing she injured it in the spin-out.)

Since I hadn’t seen the accident or the people cleaning out the car, there wasn’t a really good reason for me to stick around in the freezing cold and continue playing Jessica Fletcher, so I decided to finish my errands and get home where it’s semi-warm. I do feel bad for whoever owns that car, because it’s totaled.

Speaking of errands, I have a couple more to run, so I’d better get busy. Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend! Anything special going on?

11 thoughts on “Winners & Losers

  1. When I saw the picture of the car in the ditch I was afraid you were going to say it was your car – not that I want any one to slide off the road but glad it wasn’t you!!!
    I’m winning because I haven’t left the house since the snow came (that was Tuesday!!!) – not much longer till spring maybe I can continue to stay inside!

    • I’ve managed to mostly avert my eyes from the tanning booths, and in the new location, they’re in an area I don’t even go into, but the sign is right in front of the cardio equipment. If I want to check the clock (which I tend to do every 30 seconds when I’m on the treadmill :) ), then I see that *&$#& sign!

      I think it’s time to revisit Planet Fitness :)

  2. Ugh. I would be disgusted with the gym, too. Tanning beds certainly don’t promote a healthy lifestyle. Glad you were safe in all the ice! I had a bit of an ice-skating experience in my car, too. Dallas doesn’t do ice well!

  3. My consolation this morning is the 10-day forecast. I’m trying to forget the first four and concentrate on the last six!! Our Winter Storm Watch is for Weds morning through Thurs morning. I’m so over this!

    • Hang in there, Sharon. The worst of it skimmed barely south of Memphis, so maybe it will continue staying south as it moves your way. Our weekend’s looking splendid, but I no longer trust the weatherites’ forecasts.

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