Alphabet Soup: C

CTippy-toeing along in my alphabet soup series, exploring helpful words and concepts for making a lasting life change. (I can call it a series, because I’m all the way up to the letter C. More than two makes it a series in my world. :) )

The letter ‘C’ is huge for me, not so much in the number of focus words but in the power of the words themselves:

Commitment · Control · Consistency · Choice

You see what I mean. Potent, energizing words and concepts that can change a life.

Needless to say, we all have our own approaches, and I had to re-frame some of my own thoughts on these words to find the right track:

Commitment – I had to learn to make a commitment I was sure I could keep. In days past, I would commit to lose X pounds in Y months by taking Z actions every single day without fail. Obviously I couldn’t keep that commitment. The commitment I could keep was to treat myself better by eating healthier and exercising regularly, knowing and accepting that I wouldn’t do it perfectly.

Control – I used to think I had to eradicate all desserts and snacks from my life in order to lose weight and maintain it. I saw my both my love of the sweet stuffs and my impulsivity as negative traits that needed to be overcome in order to be successful. I was wrong. These are not flaws, just part of who I am. Instead of expending a lot of energy trying to defeat them, I only needed to learn to control them a bit better. Life is so much more fun this way.

Choice – One of the biggest factors in learning to exercise greater control was fully accepting that almost every action I take is a choice. This is especially true with respect to what I eat. Even when I can’t choose the food itself (dinner parties, restaurant meals, etc.), I can choose how much of it to eat. I also choose the actions that follow. Maybe I exercise a little more the next day or forgo a few “extras” for the rest of the week. Or maybe I just accept it and move on normally. Whatever I do, it’s my choice.

Consistency – Again with the accepting imperfection, but I really don’t think the point can be overstated. We don’t have to do everything perfectly to be successful. We just have to do the right things consistently.

Each of these words is powerful enough on its own, but when bundled together, they’re a solid platform on which to build momentum and success. I’m all tingly just thinking about them.

Your turn. Any of these words strike a chord with you? Any words that start with ‘C’ that fuel your own progress? Please do share!

Thank you all for the well wishes for my mom and for me. Mom is recovering well and has her first post-op doctor’s visit this Thursday. We’re hopeful the drains can be removed then as they’re a big nuisance to tote around. Not that she’s doing a whole lot of movement anyway. :)

13 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup: C

  1. I struggle with control. More so of not losing control, but feeling that I always have to have control and wanting to control things I cannot (ie other people). That’s my grist.

  2. I love the C words! I think consistency is a huge factor.
    And, I would add – Cardio because I’m a cardio junkie!!

  3. Oh so good Cammy. Just what I needed to read this morning, as I ponder these very things. This week, choice and consistency are key.

  4. Hope your mom had good news at the doctor’s.
    My C words aren’t as powerful as yours … congratulate/celebrate. Surveying the belt while checking out at the grocery store yesterday, I suddenly realized how awesome every item was this week and gave myself a hearty congratulations. I even allowed myself a little celebratory hop and skip in the parking lot. Good thing I was holding on to the cart or my C word might have been compound fracture.

  5. Hi!! Love this post! These are exactly the things that I think about all the time. The one slithering negative that creeps in with all this stuff, and you mentioned it twice, is PERFECTION.

    In the past, at least for me, I’ve made the commitment to lose weight (or whatever really) and have prefaced each of these four “C”‘s with the word “perfect”. I totally set myself up for failure by doing so.

    The only thing I’m perfect at is being fallible! Once I truly understood that I could make a mistake and still be successful, it became much easier to incorporate each of those “C” words.

    I’ve got a long road to go, but I can “C” my road clearly! (I made a funny!)

  6. I think consistency is most important because there are ups and downs to losing weight and maintaining our losses, but when we are consistent and keep plugging away we will see results.

    I also like Courage (when we have to defend our dietary choices or try something challenging), Conviction (believing in our chosen pathway to weight loss), Camaraderie (support from our weight loss buddies), and Caring (for ourselves). This is fun – I could go on and on, lol!

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