Clearing the Decks

Sometimes I read, see, or hear something that irritates me, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t get it completely out of my head. In some random moment, the memory of the offensive thing comes circling back to get under my skin again. Maybe writing about them will help clear the decks. :)

If you were here a few months ago, you might remember my review of the recipe makeover show, Cook Your Ass Off, in which chefs compete to remake favorite meals and recipes in a healthier way. Well, I finally caught up on the semi-finals and grand finale and you can color me unimpressed. And irritated.

With a $50,000 prize on the line, most of the chefs were focused on impressing the judges with their outstanding cooking skills and less on addressing the nutritional theme of the show. For example, in the finale the chefs were asked to come up with a healthier quick snack alternative to pizza. One chef created some sort of pizza on a slice of bread, another used egg roll wrappers to create “pizza bites” (not a bad idea), and the third one made a pizza that had 17 ingredients, I kid you not. There were two kinds of flour, two different cheeses, and both skim milk and buttermilk. Oh, and yuzu fruit, whatever that is. No matter how tasty or nutritious, that’s NOT a quick snack. And, of course, that’s the recipe that won the round.

Fortunately, the woman who won the grand prize (the pizza bite lady) was one of the more practical chefs who seemed to understand that most people aren’t going to drag out 17 ingredients for a quick snack. Heck, most of the time I’m not going to drag out 17 ingredients for a full meal. :) Of course, I’m the kind of cook who makes Flatbread Pizza or pizza crust with Greek yogurt. :)

Anyway, I hope that, if it’s renewed, this show will decide whether it wants to be a cooking show for the mainstream viewer or just a healthier version of Chopped.

For my next grumble, let’s look at “How to Lose Weight without Even Trying“. To be fair, I didn’t expect much from the article considering it’s source–Yahoo’s PopSugar/Healthy Living channel–but I clicked anyway, because what if this article actually had a quick and easy tip in it? I live for quick and easy!

Nope. Not one. Swap creamy dressings for vinaigrettes, move more (duh!), watch your portions, yadayadayada. All good suggestions, mind you, but not effortless by any stretch. I sometimes wonder if the people who write some of these articles have ever had to actually lose any weight. Even losing five pounds requires effort. Sheesh.

Over on the auditory irritants side of the house, there’s a commercial with Joan Rivers in her usual shock-schlock, attention-seeking persona that makes me want to stick a skewer in my ear. For some reason, it seems to air on every single channel I’ve watched lately. One can only hope her show will die soon, preferably before I wear out the mute button on my remote.

Fortunately, I have warmer weather and more drywall repair to complete, which should help me put all of the above (and a few dozen others) out of mind completely.

Speaking of drywall repair, I should go do something towards that project now. :) Hope you’re having a wonderful, irritant-free weekend!

14 thoughts on “Clearing the Decks

  1. Cammy,

    Good for you for clearing the decks!! I share your frustration with all manner of today’s cooking shows, both healthy and not. I can’t think of one show that is realistic and practical for the busy home cook. Most of them make me tired just watching them, and I like to cook and have more time than most.

    It’s really ridiculous. But, I have to believe that the shows are catering to what gets the ratings. It reminds me of an interview I read a while back with John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, who admitted to stocking all kinds of processed junk that he wouldn’t eat himself, because of customer demand.

    I think most people tune into television and other forms of media to be entertained, not enlightened :-)

    You, my dear are an exception to the rule, an outlier, a person who actually did the hard work required to change your weight, health and life!!!

  2. Sometimes those articles are “Lose 5 pounds quick” and it says to give up your daily glass of wine for a month. Uhm… sometimes I wish I drank every day so I could give it up and lose weight. Jeez…

    I have the 2 ingredient crust pinned and John and I keep talking about making it. I just rarely do bread stuff at home anymore.

    • LOL, Lori – that’s always my thought on the “give up alcohol” advice…I should automatically be down 5 pounds since I don’t drink, right? 😉

  3. I get so irritated by those weight loss headlines, I just refuse to click on them anymore. They always say the same thing! ::roll eyes::

  4. I have weight loss / healthy living associated irritants that get under my skin too. Unfortunately I’m related to some of them.

    Those articles are mind boggling. Someone got PAID for those, right? I still like Recipe Rehab. On it the 2 chefs get graded by a family for taste AND ease of preparation and by a nutritionist on how well they “healthified” the recipe in question.

    Hope spring projects clear your brain of annoyances Cammy. Play perky music.

    • I keep forgetting about Recipe Rehab on Saturday mornings! I liked the few episodes I saw–much more realistic.

      ” Unfortunately I’m related to some of them.” You made me spew apple on my keyboard. :)

  5. I hate the articles like that one (Lose weight…..) or the 7 minutes a day to reshape your body. It is hard work to lose weight, change your body shape, whatever – it is hard!!!

  6. I really dislike all this lose weight without trying or take this & lose weight – Dr. Oz does a ton of those! So many crazy shows on TV!!!

    Glad it is warming up for you – outside is always nice & the winter has been so bad in so many places!!!!

  7. I have to say that I loved, loved, loved this post. I haven’t seen the cooking show myself (and I have to confess that I actually do love Chopped), but I can just imagine it from your post.

    And, I went and read the article. Talk about stating the obvious. Everything in the article is pretty much conventional wisdom (and some of that is questionable itself) and not likely to be much help to anyone but the most clueless…..

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