Alphabet Soup: E

Serifed Blue Capital Letter E On Brick (Silver Spring, MD)
Continuing my trek through the alphabet, exploring the words and concepts that help me with weight management, with a focus on the ‘E’ words. This one’s a good one for me to think about today.

Effort – There’s no two ways about it, successfully managing weight requires effort. We have to change some pretty fundamental things about ourselves, and that takes work.

The downside of effort is that sometimes it’s not rewarded, at least not in a tangible, scale-based or smaller pants way. That’s discouraging, to be sure, but what helps me is to focus on the idea of effort for it’s own sake, doing the right things just because they’re the right things to do.

Expectations – There’s an old management adage that says you should expect the best from people and let them rise to the occasion. As far as I know, there’s no good reason that we can’t apply it to ourselves. I expect myself to (mostly) get it right, and darned if it doesn’t usually happen. I also expect myself to veer off course now and then, sometimes on purpose and sometimes not.

Emotion – While I don’t have huge problems with emotional eating, it does make an occasional appearance. At those times, I take a deep breath and try to strip away the emotion to focus on the simple science of managing calories and exercise. I feel better physically almost immediately, and that often carries over to the emotional side of the equation.

Exercise – Almost all the fitness professionals say that success is mostly due to diet, but for me, exercise turns out to have the greater impact, especially strength training. Once I began exercising, I not only saw major changes in my size, but also in my attitude and my enthusiasm. (There’s another great ‘e’ word for you!)

Energy – I suppose this is more of a result, but it’s important so I’m including it. I set out to lose weight so that I would feel better and have more energy. Little did I know just how much energy I’d have! A friend says I’m like the Energizer Bunny. A neighbor says that watching me work around the house makes him tired.

Case in point:

Saturday to do list: install garage hanger, mow lawn, clean gutter, wash car, weed Memaw's flower bed"

I’m not humble-bragging, I promise, but it does show the benefits of eating well and exercising regularly. A hundred pounds ago, there’s no way I could/would have done all those things in one WEEK, much less in one day. Actually, back then I wouldn’t have done most of those things at all. I’d have hired it done. So not only did I get in a good 10 hours of exercise, I saved about $200. Win-win! :)

All of this pondering has revealed another ‘e’ word to include: Evidence. It might not be in the conventional form (scale, clothes, etc.), but when you’re on the right path, there’s likely to be evidence of your success piling up around you. Look for it!

That covers the letter E for me. At least, until you add in your contributions. :)

9 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup: E

  1. Humble brag all you want Cammy. Take pride in all that your body can do for you because of the work that you do for it!

    My Es

    Enjoyment – finding exercise and activity(and healthy food) that I enjoy is key to sticking with it.

    Efficiency. With working full time, I have to be efficient in so many areas to keep healthy living a major part of my life. That means things like cooking large batches of foods, meal planning, sometimes doing the quick but intense workout if that is all I have time for.

    • Good ones, Lori! I have my version of enjoyment in our next installment. :)

      And yes, efficiency is a must. Effectiveness, too, for that matter. Thanks for the additions to the list!

  2. Energy is a huge one for me – I’m feeling much more of it just since I switched up my eating a few weeks ago. And hell’s yes to being proud of that list – that’s a lot of hard labor, and you knocked it all out! Nice going. :)

  3. I love when you do these letter posts.
    Excited would be my word – I get excited about doing good things for my body!!

  4. Almost missed an alphabet post! That’s what being out of town can do.
    When I read your completed to do list, my E word was EGADS. When I continued reading and you said you previously wouldn’t have accomplished that in a week I’m cautiously excited. Would be wonderful to have more energy.

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