I See Trees of Green

I was all set to write a deep and meaningful post, but then the sun came out and there went that idea. After a few days of rain, green is popping out all over here. I did my strength training this morning, and a nice long walk will round out the exercise nicely.

tree with white blossomsIt’s not all green around here. This was my view from the van yesterday as I waited for my parents to finish up their doctor visits. We had a two-fer day with back-to-back appointments. My job is to drop them off and pick them up at the door.

Dad got the all clear following his surgery, but Mom is still inching along in her recovery. The surgeon isn’t concerned, so we’re trying not to be either, but it does seem to be taking awhile to bounce back from this one. The amount of time she spent under anesthesia and the extent of the surgery itself have knocked her for a loop.

In other news, I have discovered a way to capture yard sale bargains without leaving the comfort of my chair (or my parents’ van): Facebook reselling! My area has 3 or 4 resale-type sites for posting items for sale. It’s much more fuel efficient and safer than Craigslist. In Memphis, we’ve had at least 2 shootings/robberies of people selling via Craigslist. Granted, they were selling big dollar items, not placemats and workout wear, but still. You just never know.

So far, I’ve sold quite a few things and will be listing more. And I purchased one thing with my profits:

table and 4 chairs

Meet my new-to-me kitchen set! This was exactly the style table I wanted and solid wood. Plus, I kind of like that there are two pairs of similar-but-different kitchen chairs. So accidental chic.

Needless to say, the set needs a bit of cosmetic love and attention, but it’s solidly constructed and that’s what I wanted most of all. For $75, I’m not complaining, especially after I looked at a different dining room set that was priced quite a bit higher and was a wobbly, veneered mess.

Another treasure I’ve got my eye on is a new-to-me double oven at the Habitat Restore:


I know, it’s kind of plain and ordinary, but my current harvest gold double oven is on its last legs (one oven is not working at all, other than as storage for my baking sheets) and a brand new oven in the size I need is well over the $1000 mark. That makes this plain and ordinary $200-at-the-next-markdown oven a real beauty in my book. :) And if it’s sold before then, I’ll go back to my previous plan which is to search out a new heating element and try to repair my current oven. If it works, I’ll spray paint it white and leave it alone.

Speaking of repairs, I can now add basic lawnmower repair to my list of accomplishments. Mine wouldn’t start and after trying a few things, including vacuuming the dust out of the insides, I thought to remove the spark plug and give it a look. Sure enough, there was all kinds of gunk built up between the little pin thingie and the plug, so I grabbed one of my cleaning toothbrushes and gave it a scrub. The mower cranked right up! It’s a pity you didn’t see the happy dance I did across my garage. (And more the pity that my elderly neighbor DID see it, but she thinks I’m kind of nuts anyway.)

sliced cantaloupeI rewarded my mower with a brand new spark plug and myself with the first melon of the season.

I’m not sure which I look forward to most in spring: melons or fresh strawberries. The first bite of both make my heart sing. When I first started losing weight, I credit cantaloupe and strawberries with getting me into the swing of it all. Neither is a replacement for a cupcake or brownie, but they’re sweet enough to satisfy my taste buds. Especially if I drizzle a bit of chocolate over the berries. :)

I think I’ll go have a few bites of my “reward” before I head out on my walk. Before I go, though, I wanted to share the spring line at that weird clothing store in my part of town:

spandex body suits and miniskirts

I swear, I can’t help but wonder who shops in this store. Not me, that’s for sure. LOL Now that I think about it, a local woman was arrested for running over a group of people outside a nightclub recently after someone in the group criticized her dress. I’m guessing she might have bought it at this store.

On that note, here’s wishing you an amazing weekend! Dress appropriately!

8 thoughts on “I See Trees of Green

  1. You don’t have that body-suit in the front?! I would have totally thought that was all you:)
    Love your new table set – what a great deal!!!
    Hope the ovens are there waiting for you next time you go back.

  2. Mannequin conga line, how quaint.

    I love your kitchen find! I am struggling with wanting to do the furniture shopping now at garage and resale shops, but I have to wait until we move. We will be unloading our couch via Craigs list so we don’t have to move it and I can get the couch and fainting chair I have been coveting.

    I hope your mom gets on the faster train to healing!

  3. Hope your mom gets better sooner Cammy! I know how tough this is from past experience. HUGS!

    LOVE all your finds! Yes, we have news stories galore on Craigs List scary stuff. Better safe than sorry!

    Yahoo for signs of spring!

  4. Sorry your mom isn’t feeling up to snuff yet. Did she get new meds? Worth considering if one is impacting her negatively and/or reacting with something else. I have an adore/abhor relationship with meds. 😉 I’m the one that pointed out to my sis once that she wasn’t acting herself but rather unenergetic and unenthused. She got a med switched and became herself again. Of course, it may just be that extra recuperation time is needed for your mom.

    Wish you could have seen my face when I first saw the mannequin shot … head tilted, eyebrows up, bemused expression. Relieved to see it wasn’t your favorite shop. Though more power to anyone who can actually get IN to those. Not me!

  5. Are you sure that’s not a hooker store? 😉

    Our Habitat Restore has great bargains. I hope you end up with that oven set! And kudos to finding out a safer way to sell/buy your treasures – that table is pretty sweet.

  6. I love that table and chairs! What a find! I, too, took care of my parents through their aging, and I know how hard and stressful it can be. Good for you for being their support and taking care of yourself at the same time.

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