I Might Be Invisible Again

A few years ago, I wondered if I became invisible when I went to the gym. The beefy boys were talking above and around me, but never to me.

And then I got busy with my workouts and life and forgot all about it. But now, I think I’m invisible again. What else could explain why some guy would almost knock me over yesterday as he rushed to spritz water on a paper towel for some woman on an elliptical, smiling as he told her, “You’re working out awfully hard.”

Meanwhile, I’m huffing and sweating my way through 120-pound squat-rows, and trying to regain my momentum after having to abort one of my rows as he brushed behind me. Maybe it’s my fault for being 55 and not blond. Of course, I also don’t need rescuing by a stranger with a wet paper towel when I work out “awfully hard”, so there is that.

blurry Cammy selfie
As you can see, I’m not truly invisible, just blurry. :) I don’t usually do gym selfies because a) I’m usually otherwise occupied, and b) selfies aren’t my thing. (And not because I’m fat!) I wouldn’t have taken this one, but a friend was teasing me because ONE TIME I rolled my hair before I went to the gym (it was super flat and stringy that day) and challenged me to prove it was only a ONE TIME thing. When I realized I had the weight area to myself for a second last week, I snapped up the camera and put her in her place, if a bit blurrily. :)

I have been a wee bit invisible in blogland off and on the past few weeks. Between pet sitting, work assignments, home assignments, and projects, my cup runneth over lately. Items of note include:

chandelier with shades

I finally found some interim shades for my made-over dining room chandelier. While these weren’t exactly what I was looking for, at $0.50 each, they’ll do nicely for a while. :) (Note: I did go back and reinsert the missing candle tubes after I saw this photo. :) )

rear wiper of car

It only took me 8 years to figure out how to change the rear wiper blade on my car, but I did it thanks to a helpful video. I didn’t know I was supposed to unsnap the little piece on the right before lifting the wiper to remove the blade. I kept trying to just lift the blade like I do on the front wipers and that didn’t work. Youtube to the rescue! Two-minute project, once I found the missing step.

bike accessories on rack

My big bike accessories were scattered on shelves and hooks around the garage, but I’ve now given them their own central spot. I’ve got a shelf and extra bin that will go below the window right next to the rack to hold the little bike extras that are in the storage room.

paint organized on shelves

I also finally got my paint and accessories up on shelves in the storage room. It had been stacked in the kneehole area of a work station, and whenever I needed to find anything, I had to pull out a bunch of cans to find the right one. Now they’re up and spread out and while I was at it, I labeled the room info on the front of the can so I can see it at a glance.

With the paint nicely organized, I found a few colors that will work on current projects. No new purchases required! One project in particular was my sad, sad front porch lights….

ugly porch light fixtures rust white

They’ve looked like that since I bought the place, but to be honest, they were way down the priority list.

porch lights in progress, one copper, one black

Work in progress. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving it like this. I painted the one on the left with a copper paint I found at Home Depot on clearance, and while I like it on the fixture, I don’t love it on my brick. So I painted the other one with leftover black paint to see if I liked it better. Not really, but at least the fixture shows up. When I put it up to a Facebook vote, most people liked the black one better. Most people in the neighborhood liked the copper-colored one.

I hope to replace both the door and the fixtures someday in the future, but for now, I’ll probably just paint the copper fixture black (after first trying a black “wash” over it to tone it down) and give the security door a little spruce up. Maybe I’ll paint the doorknob and keyplate copper. :)

Lots more going on besides, but those were the things for which I had photos. :) I’m eating well and goodness knows, I’m getting plenty of exercise in addition to my workouts.

In other words, life is busy, but good. Even if I might be semi-invisible from time to time.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! What projects are you working on these days?

19 thoughts on “I Might Be Invisible Again

  1. Your gym workout sounds impressive! And, FWIW (not much I know) I like the black fixture better, too.

    As for projects, I’m sort of thinking about our future master bath remodel. It won’t be for awhile – at least a year, maybe two – but I’m thinking about it and trying to sketch out some ideas and start researching stuff.

    • Thanks for your vote, Kitty! Looks like the black fixture will win. :)

      I got my bathrooms out of the way first. The kitchen is the last semi-big project, but even that is mostly cosmetic. By then it will probably be time to re-do the bathrooms again. LOL

  2. If some are ignoring you, Cammy, it’s their loss. They don’t know what they’re missing! I need to organize my paint too. I think they’re a lot of cans that need to go to the recycling station. BTW, I like your front entry door. I always find brick attractive. I had to laugh when you wrote about the time it took for you to change your wiper blade. I don’t think I could change mine in a million years!

    • Thank you, Jane. As for the wiper blade, I think I’ve used it about four times in the 10 years I’ve had the car, so it’s not like it was a priority item. :) But still, it bugged me that I couldn’t figure it out. Come to think of it, that’s how I get into most of these messes. :)

      We have local Facebook groups in Memphis that share give-away or curb alert items. Paint is always snapped up quickly. If your paint cans have a fair amount of paint left in them, you might check out a local giveaway group. Or if you have Habitat for Humanity organization in your area, they like free paint, too!

  3. You and Lori crack me up with all the things you paint! I never ever would have thought of painting a LIGHT FIXTURE! But it sure does change the look. I like the black from a distance, but I bet I would like the copper up close.

    Hahaha. So glad you’re not fat!

    • That’s what is wonderful about painting. It gives new life to things we already have.

      I had bought the copper paint for a yard sale table that’s kind of modern. (Still haven’t done anything with that.) After seeing it on the light fixture, I’m thinking of painting a couple of lamps with it. A little goes a long way, so I might be painting lots of things with it. LOL

      • Exactly – paint is the easiest and cheapest way to update something to fresh and new! Or cause you to go buy something else because it was a disaster.

  4. That invisible thing is so odd when you realize it’s happening, isn’t it? Their loss. HUGE loss.

    I liked the black finish because it tied in with your door. I love that you are doing this; years ago I bought black spray paint because the carriage lights on either side of our garage were fading. Do you think they’ve been painted??? Now, I could, but they need to be removed (white brick house means no black spray paint is going anywhere near it), and I can’t quite do the wiring, nor do I want to. But I silently nag. Which is not working!

    • True confession: I have some hammered metal spray paint I had intended to use on the fixtures, but the blankety-blank things wouldn’t come off the receptacle box. They’ve been on there 40 years, so I think they’ve fused. :) When even WD40 wouldn’t budge them, I decided they should be painted in place since I don’t want to replace them quite yet. Painting took about 20 minutes for all coats on both fixtures. Reassembling the fixture took a couple hours–all those glass pieces and my clumsy hands! Not to brag, but I did a fairly excellent job of practicing my deep breathing stress-busting skills. :)

  5. You’ve been super busy!!
    I love the shades on your light fixture!
    And, I think you look great in your gym selfie!

  6. I feel invisible at the gym all the time. I do not look as good as you do, though (just being honest).

    I have 80,000 projects now in the works at last count, as you know LOL!

    • You look amazing, Lori! You won’t see me zipping around town in a cute biking jersey, that’s for sure! (Not that I’m envious or anything. :) )

  7. I love all the home improvement projects and organizing! I like the black light fixture best! I too have been invisible from the blog world as my life is quite full and busy right now. We have a long list of home projects to work on. It’s so rewarding.

    • It IS rewarding, Tami, and I appreciate you pointing that out just now. I was feeling a bit tired of it all, but focusing on that rewarding “after” moment has given me a boost of energy.

      There’s a weight loss analogy in there somewhere. :)

  8. Girl… if you buy your wiper blades at AutoZone/O’Reily/etc…they will change them for you – – for free! (just ask!) This also goes for headlights/ taillights/air filters. :)

    Have fun being busy!!

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