Q&A (Was Visitor Info)

Q&AI’m “rebranding” the monthly Visitor Info post as Q&A. It’s quicker, and I like the graphic from opensource.com. :)

Technically, this is the April Q&A, but if you can tell me where the heck April went, I’d appreciate it. One day we’re laughing (or cringing) at April Fool jokes, and in a blink, it’s May Day! Sheesh. No matter, we have fun questions for this month!

What’s your middle name? – Camille. No reason, other than my mother liked the name. I don’t think she’d heard of the French courtesan of the same name. Funny/weird Cammy trivia: Back in my softball-playing days, my teammates nicknamed me Hurricane, as in Hurricane Camille. I was quite the hitter, you know. :)

Favorite board game? Card game? – Trivial Pursuit for board game, and Canasta for card game. I’m equally bad at both, but I enjoy playing them, and that’s what matters most.

Which flavor of ice-cream do you prefer? – So hard to choose just one, but if I had to pick one flavor to eat for the rest of my life, it would be LaMichoacana’s Mexican Cake handmade ice cream. Vanilla ice cream with cake pieces(!), coconut, chocolate chunks, berries, and pecans. Pity I can’t have it every DAY for the rest of my life. :)

Generally speaking, what’s the first thing you notice about people? – Oddly enough, I first notice their energy. Are they animated or peppy? Smiling or grumpy? Do they seem sad or droopy? That kind of thing. I also notice what women are wearing. I have no fashion sense and am always trying to figure out how to put together outfits. (I think it’s hopeless at this point.)

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? – This question comes courtesy of an observation I made last night in my den:

3 pairs of shoes, all with the laces tied

(Yes, I have a lot of athletic shoes, and yes, I pile up my shoes in the den until I can’t stand it anymore. Don’t judge!) I had another pair in my bedroom floor that were also tied. I had no idea how embedded the toe-heel shoe removal habit has become. :)

YOUR Turn! Here’s a cheat sheet if you want to copy/paste:
middle name?
ice cream?
1st notice?
shoe laces?

Wishing you all a happy, healthy weekend!

10 thoughts on “Q&A (Was Visitor Info)

  1. My middle name is Ann. Funny story. I was supposed to be Susan. That was the name my parents decided on. In the hospital, the woman next to my mom said they were naming their daughter Lori Ann. My mom liked it so much she changed my name. Turns out the other mother changed her baby’s name to Susan! 😀

    I do not untie my shoes, which is bad because pushing on the heel to kick off your shoes will wear out the inside of the back of the heel, which happens on all of my shoes, yet I still refuse to change.

  2. My middle name is Jane, as some of you have probably surmised. I also like trivial pursuit, and the only ice cream I like is vanilla DQ at a particular DQ in our community. They have a special recipe that they have used since the 1940s. They were one of the first DQ’s in the country. I also notice personality and how people speak. I am attracted to pleasant tone and good grammar. I also don’t untie my shoes when I remove them. It’s one of my impatient traits.

  3. Middle name – Lyn
    Game – lots, I love playing games
    Ice Cream – none
    First notice – smiling or not
    Shoe Laces – always untied to take off my shoes (I’m the only one in my family who does this)

  4. middle name – Diane
    game – Trouble (it’s a kid’s game but I like popping the dice)
    ice cream – Jamoca Almond Fudge (I worked at BR; still love that flavor!)
    1st notice – jewelry…I think I’m always shopping, lol
    shoe laces – UNTIED! First of all, you’ll break down your shoes a lot faster if you don’t untie them. Secondly, mine are so snug that there’s no way I could take them off w/o untying them – I don’t like them loose when I run.

  5. First of all, I have to ask–if your middle name is Camille, what’s your first name??

    middle name? Lynne

    game? Monopoly, but haven’t played in ages. Oh, I also like backgammon. And of course, chess. LOLOL. Card game? Solitaire? I don’t play games much.

    ice cream? Coldstone Founder’s Favorite–sweet cream ice cream with pecans and brownie pieces and hot fudge and caramel sauce…

    1st notice? eyes.

    shoe laces? Used to never untie. Now I mostly untie. I have one pair I just kick off.

    These posts are fun, Cammy!

  6. This is fun….

    middle name? Lynn
    game? Board – Monopoly Cards – bridge
    ice cream? Chocolate chip
    1st notice? Expression
    shoe laces? I use Lock Laces so I don’t have to tie or untie my shoes. Thank goodness because I am terrible at tying shoe laces.

  7. middle name? Marie
    game? Euchre, Cribbage – tho’ I haven’t played either for ages
    ice cream? Oh geez. I’m not sure, too many to choose. Guess I’ll find out when I celebrate my first Ice Cream Day. (I mean really Cammy, CAKE???)
    1st notice? Smile
    shoe laces? Heck no. My excuse is that I’m too exhausted to bend over.

    I’m with Debby – if Camille is your middle name it begs asking about your first.

  8. Rosalind after Rosalind Russell – dad’s fave actress
    game – not much into them these days
    I can’t eat ice cream but as a kid – coffee & mocha chip
    First thing I notice – it seems to be different depending… will have to pay attention to this
    Laces – untie cause my toe box is wider than wide & narrow heel so I have to tie so tight just to keep them on. :)

  9. Middle name: Cammie (After my maternal grandmother) My daughter also named her youngest Kammi, after me. I love it!
    Don’t really play games
    Chocolate ice cream
    Notice first if a person is friendly or not!
    Don not untie my sneakers, just slide right out, but have to untie them to put back on.

    • Way back in the early days of the internet, I tried to start a yahoo group called ‘Cammyland’ to be made up of only people named Cammy. I think we got up to 3 or 4 members and lost interest. Nothing in common other than name. :)

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