Ripped from the Headlines

Greetings on this Monday after Mothers Day! I hope you all had a marvelous weekend celebrating, remembering, and/or honoring loved ones!

As you might expect, I spent part of yesterday with my mother and grandmother. Mom is still mending, post-surgery, and Memaw–well, she’s hanging in there. The decline is pronounced, though, so it brought a bit of bittersweetness to the day.

I regret that I do not have a single photo to show for the THREE desserts I made! Not that they were particularly photogenic. I made my peanut butter and banana pudding for Mom (I get my love of PB&B from her) and a fruit salad for Memaw. Then I had to make a consolation dessert for my Dad, who doesn’t like pb&b, so I played around with coconut pudding using coconut flour. It’s not quite ready for prime-time, but everyone agreed, I’m onto something with it. You can bet I’ll share it with you when I get it figured out. I’ll even try to remember to make a picture. :)

My major project over the weekend was completing The Front Door Project That Would Not End.

front door

I not only dismantled the light fixture on the left (the one previously test-painted copper) so that my fixtures looked nice and shiny and matchy-matchy. Through that process, I couldn’t help but notice that the security door looked kind of drab AND there was a mini-mountain of leaves, dead bugs, and little dirt nests (wasps?) trapped between the glass and the ironwork. Plus, the part of the glass facing the street hadn’t been properly cleaned in about five a few years. Apparently giving it a good spray with the hose twice a year isn’t really getting the job done right.

So, then I had to remove all the panels (3) and scrub down both the door and the panels. Then, since I had the panels down and a half-can of Rustoleum and a paintbrush right there, I painted the ironwork inside and out. After that, it all had to be reassembled, which went much better than I anticipated. I’ll be doing this at least twice once a year from now on.

newspaper headlines via pixabay.comIn between all the cleaning and painting, I caught up on a bit of reading. Here are a few noteworthy(ish) articles, which you probably already knew about, but just in case you didn’t:

Vibram, ‘Barefoot Running Shoe’ Company, Settles Multi-Million Dollar LawsuitApparently, Vibram’s claims that their FiveFinger Shoes are healthier for runners’ feet wasn’t exactly backed by science, which resulted in a class action lawsuit and now, a partial refund of participants. Also, they won’t be making the same health claims in the future. (I still wouldn’t mind having a pair if I had an extra $100 laying around here. Everyone I know personally who has these shoes likes them a lot.)

Some Kashi, Bear Naked Products To Lose That ‘All Natural’ Label – Who knew pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate and hexane-processed soy oil weren’t “all natural”? Someone did and they took Kashi to court. As a result, no more “all natural” label on products with those ingredients. (I don’t know about you, but if it says “all natural” on a box, bottle, or jar, I assume it’s more of the “wink-wink-all-natural” variety.)

7 Foods You Can Overdose On – I was so afraid banana pudding was going to be on this list! Fortunately, it wasn’t, and it’s safe to say that I will never be in danger of overdosing on any of these foods: carrots, tuna sushi, kombucha tea, coffee, star fruit, water, or, get this, nutmeg! Click the link for the details, but if you’re eating these foods in normal portions, you’re probably safe too. Unless you have kidney disease, and then you’ll want to stay away from star fruit or juices made with it. (I once worked with a woman who ate so many carrots, the skin on her palms turned orange! Now I know the proper name for that: carotenemia. Harmless, but a tad bit unsightly.)

6 “Bad” Carbs That Are Actually Good For You – I’m 4-for-6 on this list. I eat corn, white potatoes, and sourdough occasionally, and I eat bananas almost daily. Breakfast cereals and green peas are on my semi-annual list, at best. :)

That’s it for me today! (I’ll bet you thought I’d never run out of steam. :) ) I hope your week is off to a splendid start!

13 thoughts on “Ripped from the Headlines

  1. Classy entrance now! It’s funny how I start what would appear to be a tiny project and then hours later and I am so into the nitty gritty that it isn’t funny.

  2. The entrance looks great with the black fixtures. With the painting and cleaning, your entry must look very inviting. Mine could use some elbow grease too!

  3. Wow, is that how grownups clean their houses? I was wondering about that yesterday, when I was giving my front door a quick wipe down…

    And all the news items–very interesting. Good to see these ridiculous claims being held accountable. Love the list of bad carbs that are good for you.

    • I’m glad they’re being held accountable, too, Debby, but I wish people would just stop and THINK about these claims before they buy something. (I include myself in that group, too.)

  4. You were busy – and it paid off as the entry way looks great! I know it’s not a front door project but I did that same thing with my makeup drawer as I unpacked from vacation yesterday. I started to put the stuff back I’d taken with me and look down, where I could now see accumulated powders, etc. since the drawer had less in it. I ended up taking everything out, which then made me go through all my stuff to put it back in there. It ended up taking me 1 1/2 hours to put my makeup away LOL! It’s lovely and clean and cleared out of old stuff now though.

  5. I love how your entrance looks! Nice job on that whole project. Beautiful curb appeal. :)

    I have not (yet, anyway) overdosed on coffee. And I drink quite a bit of it some days!

    • I used to work with a man who started drinking coffee when he walked in the door every morning, kept it up all day, and would often make a fresh pot at 4:00 in the afternoon. Despite all that, he still fell asleep in meetings. :)

  6. Your front door looks great!!
    That list of 7 foods you can overdose on is interesting – I had a nurse tell me once that she thinks I drink too much water – funny.

  7. I think we are reading the same stuff Cammy. Just read a bunch of yours & tweeted the Vibram one! 😉

    Love that front door – you & Lori are amazing!!!

    Hugs to you on mom & memaw!!!!

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