Here are some photos from the process, and a few beyond that.

Cammy official before photoMy “official” before photo. Flattering, no, but I like the big smile. A friend once said that I smile with my whole face. Boy, have I got the wrinkles to show it, too!

The odd/sad thing about this photo is that, although I knew I was severely overweight (hello? size 22 pants?), this size is not what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I guess I was suffering from optical delusions.

Cammy before and duringThis photo comparison is one I used for motivation during my first holiday season on this strange new living plan. I was hovering near the halfway point, and I could really see and feel the difference.

Shortly after the photo was taken, I had surgery on my feet and was unable to exercise for six weeks. Surgery was just before Thanksgiving, which meant I had to endure all the holiday hoopla without the benefit of calorie-offsetting exercise. Whenever I felt the urge to cross over into hold patterns, I’d look at this photo to remind myself of how far I’d come.

Cammy classroom photoMy favorite “during” photo, taken in 2008 when I attended a continuing ed class on nutrition. When I walked into the classroom and saw the desk chairs, I wanted to leave. It was only when I sat down that I realized I fit! Years of sitting through classes in total discomfort and embarrassment were over! I, of course, cried a little. And then I asked a classmate (who probably thought I was an idiot even though I explained my purpose) to snap this picture.

Cammy official afterMy official after photo, taken in December 2008, which was used in an advertisement for the training studio I worked out in. Opening the local indie newspaper and seeing a quarter-page ad featuring ME was quite the experience! :)

Cammy jetskiThis photo makes me smile sometimes and get a little teary at others. I explained why in Reward Day by the Sea.

Cammy wishes for a cupcakeI’m including this one because, well, it’s just me being silly.

And because THIS is the woman I saw in the mirror way back when.

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